Energy Monitoring

Energy usage

I wanted to know how much power my house is using, when it uses the energy and what the peak usage was for a day/week/month/... This data will eventually be used to build a solar/wind powered battery system that will provide my house with enough power for to run 24-48 hours autonomously, but building that system is another story. In my search for a good measurement solution, I found a couple of possibilities from DIY to commercial solutions. The monitoring system has to have at least the following features :

  • only 1 measurement point needed
  • measurement data must be accesible through web browser and mobile
  • data preferably stored in the cloud
  • the measurement device must be wireless
  • if possible with a maximum price tag of 150 euro
  • (optional) API to read the data


The OpenEnergyMonitor emon is an open source energy measurement system. The system constist of multiple components that need to be DIY-ed together. The following components are needed to meet the requirements I was looking for :

They offer a free web portal and a mobile app which are both open source.

This DIY setup will cost about 170 euro, deliverd. Which is a bit of a big price tag for a DIY measurement system, however it will give you the most flexibility.


The neurio is a new power measurement system that is Wifi enabled, no need for an ethernet base station, it will connect directly to you wireless router.

They offer an online portal, mobile app, integration with several online systems like IFTTT and Smarthings, and an open API to build your own apps. The system will be able to detect which appliances are turned on, based on the power consumption signature of the device.

However the neurio is not yet available at the time writing and the price tag is also quite high for a measurement system, 210 euro in pre-order & deliverd.

Owl Intuition

The Owl Intuition series are a range of commercial energy measurement systems.

They offer an online portal to monitor your power usage, as wel as a mobile app. The Owl Intuition-e package contains all components which are needed to wirelessly measure your power consumption and check the results online.

The price tag for this system is quite nice too, it can be delivered for 85 euros.

Efergy Engage

The Efergy Engage is another range of commercial energy measurement systems, which are similar to the Owl Intuition series.

They offer an online portal to monitor your power usage, a mobile app and are working on an API to retreive the data from the engage portal.

The price tag for this system is quite nice too, at 72 euro deliverd, it is the cheapest yet.

This package seems to be a good fit for my needs since an API is also in the making.

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